Leila Petit


Lime blossoms are mainly used for the preparation of relaxing drinks, especially in cases of minor sleep disorders. But this plant of the Tiliaceae family has many other virtues, including that of “relaxing” the digestive system.


How to recognize the lime tree

Found throughout Europe, the lime tree is a common large tree (it can reach 30 metres in height). Its lower branches are almost horizontal, and its leaves are easily recognizable because they form a “heart”, slightly asymmetrical at the base.

During its short and very fragrant blossoming period, small pale yellow clusters of 2 to 7 flowers attract bees, which have to be quick to harvest the pollen and nectar.


Use and benefits of lime blossom

Lime blossom has traditionally been used since ancient times as an infusion to calm sleep disorders and improve nervous states in adults and children alike. In Germany, lime blossoms are also used for colds or coughs.

But it also has relaxing effects on the digestive system, when there is discomfort or intestinal cramps, for example.


Soothe toddlers with CALMOSINE Digestion

You can experience the benefits of lime blossom in CALMOSINE Digestion, available at chemist’s. This drink will sooth your child if with digestive discomfort, through the organic plant extracts it contains:

  • Lime blossom, for its calming and soothing properties on the digestive system,
  • Fennel, which helps with calm and pleasant digestion,
  • Orange blossom, which gives the drink a delicate, sweet taste.